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“The “party world” has its own rules. Music, lights, colors, and different characters are mixed through drugs abuse, alcohol, love, friendship and hate. Going through this world could be funny as a tourist, but it can become hard and dangerous for those who are looking for some serious affection and ambition. Partying is a lifestyle, like a religion or a hobby, partying is all or nothing and a coin with thousand of different sides. It can look like a funfair of feelings that goes trough people’s life influencing generations and leaving deep or subtle signs.  People wait for the party, they live it and then they remember or forget it, but a good one will always stay in their mind.Partying could be a path made of deep feelings and passion when meeting the right person to live an extraordinary experience with. Dark hides many drugs but alcohol is the main character, and deeper in the dark you can find the violence of many pretentious people trying to defend their own territory and fighting against the others , as in the real world; even most of times these would be people who stay home and never go to parties.”

Fabrizio Bandinelli



Cristina Vatielli

video producer         

Ippolito Simion

video narratives       

Annalisa D'Angelo


Adriano Amoruso

digital artist             

Sara Taigher, Valerio Arcioni, Jonathan Ted Pannacciò


WSP Photography


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