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“The tango was born in Buenos Aires at the end of 19th century as an expression of dance, music, songwriting and poetry. It’s a cultural movement and at the same time it evokes feelings and sensations like those felt in unexpected, random overwhelming  love. It’s like a romantic relationship that teaches the sensual passion that sometimes flies away, leaving its place to jealousy, nostalgia and melancholy. ”Tango” is a photographic project born with a different approach than that of a mere photojournalistic project. Its deep meaning relies in the very spaces where the body moves, exterior but above all interior spaces are the main focus. Tango narrates a complex reality that shows up in playing a role in a relationship and in the exchange between ourselves and the others, as well between the private and the social space, through all the passions that this specific dance has gathered together and spread back around in the course of its passionate history. In Tango dancing every gesture and every look are always full of something that goes beyond the first simple tricky level of visibility. Tango is a dual game, always double, always conflicting, as life and relationships are. Tango starts where sensuality and passion are similar to life and death and to decadence and renewal. Tango starts where lies transform themselves in an intangible instant truth or even in an eternal unescapable one. It starts where jealousy fights for possession and where possession fights for freedom.
Tango is always an adventure, a landscape drawn with a blurred contour that sometimes turns sharp and stays still forever, or maybe this is just the way Tango is seen by who is experiencing it.”


Gaia Mazzolini

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