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"We run at 100 mph on the skin of a sick man. We go up and down on a body layed down from the Alps to Sicily. It passes from the windows of trains, and coaches: mountains, seas, and wonderful monuments inside the eyes of thousands of workers that everyday curse while they grip at the handholds of their buses. The Italy of the commuters, thermometer of a rising fever, that from 7 a. m. signs exactly how far is the public inefficiency going. From the delay written on the board in the liberty style Cremona’s station, to the dead trains on the tracks of the Circumvesuviana; from the occasional workers, moving from Naples to Rome,  forced to throw away their salaries on the Frecciarossa to the coaches that go from Venice, Turin, Como, Milan and Bologna to Calabria. Because if the national railway service told by Nanni Loy in the movie “Viaggio in seconda classe” united our peninsula 35 years ago, the cancellation of the trains to the South of Italy  is dividing it."

Frabrizio Gatti – L’Espresso n.14 / 2013

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