MIAC, Museo Italiano dell’Audiovisivo e del Cinema. Cinecittà, Roma 2019

AQUA, La visione di Leonardo. Salone del Mobile, Milano 2018

Meraviglia, Italian Pavilion, Cannes 2018

Classico Pop, Palazzo Massimo, Roma 2018

Metabole, Florence 2018

Genesi, Festa di Roma. Piazza Sant’Anastasia 2017

Lo specchio della nostra natura, Italian Pavilion, Cannes 2017

Deep Dream, Romaeuropa Festival. Ex Mattatoio, Roma 2016

The Human Cloud, ADR Fiumicino 2016

NONE is an artistic collective, a physical and conceptual space that develops transmedial projects that reflect and interpret the contemporary condition of being in the digital society . They use technology, architecture and narrative to engage people in immersive experiences that interpret the eternal dilemmas of humanity, stories that face the uncertainty of unanswered questions, the confusion of distinguishing authenticity and fiction. They explore the boundaries of identity, awareness, and perception by producing experiences that investigate the relationship between numbers and nature, artificial and human, memory and imagination, autonomy and thought.

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